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Policy for Internal Assessment



Grievance Redressal Mechanism



Anti-Plagiarism Policy


Procedures and policies for maintaining and utilizing physical, academic and support facilities
- laboratory, library, sports complex, computers, classrooms etc.
The Institute believes in transparency in all its academic and administration activities. There is a Purchase committee for the procurement of instruments and to decide the service providers for Annual maintenance contracts. The procedure for both is to decide the priority needs at the Institute. Accordingly, quotations are invited and the best service provider is chosen depending on rates and services.

The Institution makes adequate arrangements for the maintenance and for better change of the college  infrastructure. The management ensures that enough UGC grants and funds are allocated and utilized for the maintenance. We have a committee to ensure optimum allocation and utilization of available finance. It functions in the following manner. 

There is a strict policy to promote licensed vendors and equipment. The policy is also of inviting minimum three quotations. There is a policy to buy sophisticated instrument from Government approved suppliers only.

The institution takes the suggestions and complaints from the students and staff members.

The committee classifies it on the basis of requirements and then it is forwarded to the head of the institution.

The head of the institution solves the problem by making suggestion to the responsible person. It is then analyzed  appropriately.

Financial aid is released according to the requirement.

Tenders from different agencies are invited, compared  and selected  on the basis of  cost effective quality work. There after the order is placed.

Routine cleaning of the laboratory, library, sports complex, classrooms etc. is done by the departmental peons of the college.

The college library also has computers with internet access, INFLIBNET N-LIST, and SOUL-, in addition to books and scientific publications. Students can access e-books and periodicals, which is a valuable resource and maintain by Librarian

The support facilities like replenishing of consumables like laser printer toners, photocopying machine toners, laboratory chemicals, stationary items etc. are also made available through pre- authorised vendors.

The college boasts of a vast green cover of trees and lawns. This also means that the areas under green cover will have a lot of leaves and twigs falling from trees and shrubs. The Sweeper maintains the campus clean.

College Gardener  regularly water, trim and maintain the gardens, potted plants, trees etc. The stock register of equipment of different laboratories is maintained. Our college has large playground and a pavilion for outdoor and indoor sports activities respectively. Maintenance of all sports facilities is looked after by the Assistant Professor in Physical Education and a peon dedicated to this task.



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