Chairman's Message


Dear All,

It is my pleasure to be in touch with you via Website of the college. I appreciate the activity because it spreads information leading to knowledge which is an important tool in today's fast changing world.

Being a chairman, I feel that the staff and students of B. K. M. Science College are different than those of other branches because Science is now playing very vital role in social, cultural, financial & administrative fields. The sense of duty and responsibility in all of us can only promote the righteous and just development of our society.

I appeal to all of you to study and understand all the scientific aspects and approach thoroughly well during your college years. I have realized from my experiences that working with science field requires very hard work and one has to remain in touch with the latest developments in the scientific comunity for all the time. This can & will lead you to greater heights.

Congratulations to you all for this wonderful achievements.

Swatiben Lalbhai,
Nootan Kelavani Mandal,
Valsad, Gujarat India.